Find Dog-Friendly Businesses With New iOS App

Dog owners never again have to worry about “No Dogs Allowed” signs, thanks to a new location-based app from Better Pet Inc.

The Where My Dogs At app lets dog owners search Google Maps for restaurants, hotels, parks, pet stores, vets, and even apartment buildings that welcome man’s best friend based on the user’s location. Like on Yelp, the businesses have user generated reviews from other pet owners. And like on Four Square, users can check into these businesses, or as the app calls it, “mark your territory.” As with other social networks, users can follow others whose recommendations they like.

BetterPet CEO Jonathan Kolker explained the idea of the app in this statement: “We are all about discovery. We want people to find the most dog friendly places and people around them. We hope people will discover new and exciting places to take their dogs and meet like-minded dog lovers.”

The app is currently available for iOS devices, and an Android edition is coming December 1st.

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