Find Best Looking Twitter Pages – Twitter Skin Fight

How do you know you twitter page is best looking? You ask your friend or colleague right? We all know he will tell you that your page is number one – he is your mate, stupid! You may want to get in real Twitter Skin Fight!

Folks over Twitter Skin Fight have a great and entertaining project that can test how cool your page is comparing to others. Sign in and get ready to rumble!

How do you know you are the best?

Well, you can check out Top 100 (also divided by country) and if you can find yourself there, scroll for next paragraph.

If you lost…

Don’t panic – you can change your background within minutes but first take a look on these tutorials that can help you to design real killer twitter page.

Well, I hope after tweaking your background you will be back in fight – if not you may want to setup Facebook fan page or something and fight with it! 🙂

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