Finally… more “American Idol”

If 53 hours per week of “American Idol” on Fox isn’t enough for you… good news! Now you’ll be able to download episodes on your PC, iPod, and the little chip Apple will let you implant in your brain starting in 2007.

Catching up with the rest of the networks, Fox has signed a deal with its affiliates that will let it repurpose content on all sorts of digital outlets. No word yet on exactly what shows will be distributed and where, but is there any doubt that Ace and Chris and Kellie Pickler (yes, I just looked their names up) will be crooning on every platform known to man in a matter of weeks?

According to Business Week and Variety, Fox’s deal is unique because it’s committed to share revenue from digital platforms with affiliates.

That’s in contrast to ABC-Disney, where Bob Iger recently said of his company’s relationship with old partners as it moves into the digital age: “We’re not looking to abandon them, not looking to betray them, not looking to do anything that is designed to harm their business… At the same time, we can’t let a fear of that relationship being challenged, or creating tension with them, stop us from going other places.”

In English, that translates to you “screw you, affiliates, movie theaters, retailers, or anyone else who tries to make money off of my customers.”

Affiliates aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the new Fox deal. If “classic” episodes of “American Idol” become available for sale as well, Brian Dunkleman might see enough backend to finally catch up on his electric bill.