Finally, A Reason to Watch Spike TV! Wait…


What’s more manly than 3D raised blocky letters and strongly ramped faux light sources? Very little it seems, according to Spike TV, the cable network that shows a) James Bond movies and b) wrestling featuring a lot of commercials for James Bond movies. They’ve released their new logo this week after getting flak from people for the one that rolled out with the network in 2003, which was deemed too un-masculine (so apparently that means that there exists out there a group of muscle bound, testosterone-fueled font/logo admirers, unlike the rest of us who are pasty and nearsighted). Here’s some of the story:

Two-plus years later, though, “metrosexual” is no longer a buzzword and Spike is rebranding itself as, well, even more masculine than it was before. The network on Wednesday unveiled a new, more aggressive logo that it says will stand “in stark contrast with the cursive lettering … of the past.” The new logo, along with the cheeky, double-entendre tagline of “Get More Action,” will be seen on-air starting in May.

“Spike is an entertainment brand dedicated to men. We are a destination that will inspire and define men through bold, action-packed original entertainment,” says Niels Schuurmans, creative director at Spike. “We feel our brand positioning and new logo reflect that, and are dedicated to helping our audience ‘Get More Action.'”

The logo goes live in May.