Hopes to Crowdsource Print Relaunch

The magazine Film Threat has been around for a long time. Founded by Chris Gore in Detroit in 1985, it relocated to LA a few years later and kept pushing paper until 1997, when it became a website-only enterprise.

Gore sold in 2010 to New Jersey based Mark Bell, who now wants to bring back a print edition by the end of this year. To do so, he has come up with an unusual way pay his writers; he wants YOU to sign the checks:

In order to create and print the first four issues of the new quarterly magazine, create the mobile app and digital friendly editions and pay everyone involved, it’ll cost $60,000 (some of you are going, “That’s high! He’s crazy!” and others are going, “That’s Not Nearly Enough! He’s Crazy!”). To reach that goal, there are two campaigns with $30,000 goals, both ending on June 30, 2011, on IndieGogo and Kickstarter respectively.

Bell writes that if only one of the two fundraising campaigns hits the 30K mark, he still thinks he pull off the print relaunch as planned.

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