Film Critic Asks Not to Be Named after Named Names Were Edited Out

This is getting silly.

From Village Voice:

Kirby Dick’s new documentary, “Outrage,” continued to skirt controversy and stir debate in its opening weekend in U.S. theaters, particulary [sic] among some media circles. As the film opened, NPR trimmed its review of the film, cutting mentions of the American political figures depicted in the movie. Critic Nathan Lee subsequently removed his byline from the article in protest and lodged a comment on the NPR site, which was also quickly removed by NPR executives.

WaPo‘s review also doesn’t name names.

Well, the rest of the country is acting like this is 1952 – Tina Daunt at LAT actually did her job and reported on the names mentioned in the film. Including one very right-wing totally smoking hot David Dreier who mysteriously cease to be the public face of the GOP around the 2004 election. We don’t care if he’s gay – we’d like him out so we have something to look at on the Sunday shows.

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