Fill a Tall Order as the Editor of The Observer’s ‘Very Short List’


very-short-list092010.jpgDo you consider yourself the authority on what’s hot or not in pop culture? Well, the Observer Media Group is looking for an editor of its Very Short List, the daily newsletter that recommends one “cultural gem” per day in the categories of film, TV, books, websites, music and more.

As someone who’s in the know, you’re likely already a subscriber to VSL, which was acquired in 2009. If hired, you’ll manage the day-to-day editorial operations of the property, including writing, curating and editing daily recommendations with a pithy and engaging voice.

Three years of experience writing for the Web is a must-have, but it’s your intangible instinct for pinpointing the next big thing that will really land you this gig. Figure out a way to prove you’re a tastemaker, and you’re golden. Interested? Apply here.