Atrocious James Bond FIFA Headline Goes Viral

Eight hours ago, northeast U.K. resident Ross Loraine tweeted the following:

Thanks to Loraine, this #epicfail has since been furiously passed around the Twittersphere as well as picked up by various newspapers and blogs.

The article is from the Times of India. The online version, wisely, currently displays some much more palatable “Licence to Thrill” wordplay in reference to James Rodriguez, the star of Colombia’s FIFA World Cup 2-0 victory over Uruguay. Above a strong lede paragraph:

There, you have your Colombian James Bond now. Born in Cucuta in 1991, far removed from Ian Fleming’s world and time, the boy James Rodriguez was named after the fictional secret agent by excited parents Wilson and Maria, who probably never thought he would have the World Cup in Brazil ‘shaken and stirred’ a little more than two decades later.

Loraine’s Twitter feed since that shared image contains reminders of how something like this can be passed down the digital media daisy chain without the original source in some cases being credited. That is sometimes entirely accidental, of course. But from our end, we just want to say – excellent media commentary work RL!

Update (July 2):
As we suspected, the headline was not the work of the article author. Via Twitter, Moushumi Bora explained where the blame lies:

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