Female AIA Young Architects Winners Weigh in on Architect Barbie

Earlier this week, we reported that after nearly a decade of attempts, there is finally going be an Architect Barbie. While through a wider lens, it isn’t perhaps Barbie Betty Friedan, it’s certainly better than some of the other picks from years past in Mattel‘s annual “I Can Be” competition for the famous doll (we’re looking at you Dolphin Trainer Barbie — not that dolphin training isn’t important or empowering). Judging from the reaction our post received, it appears that many of you agree. Our pals over at Architizer dropped us a line to tell us that they’d passed the news around of the blond bombshell’s new career to female architects, AIA Young Architects prize winners to be specific, to get their opinions on their now-fellow industry peer. The responses were great, and largely uniform in that she’ll probably discover that she needs a new wardrobe once she starts getting out to construction sites. A couple of our favorites: here’s Angie Brooks from BROOKS + SCARPA, who said…

“No make-up, cut her hair short.” She’d also add “boots that will not topple over when one tries to walk over 2x4s or steel beams, clothes that are appropriate for climbing ladders at a job site.” She adds, “And get rid of the pink. Contractors hate pink …. and wearing it is a good way to invite animosity before you even start the job.”

And this one from Jinhee Park from SsD:

“I think she should wear a dress with more structured design or a ‘black turtleneck’ … A pink hard hat would be hot!”