Featured in Features

It’s time to check up what Washington publications are publishing in their features sections. Hate ’em or love ’em, they’re always worth a look.

The questionable— You’d think Big Foot was spotted at a gay bar in Dupont with this Tuesday item about coyotes in the Washington Examiner. “Arlington officials say they finally have proof that coyotes are living in the woods on the north side of the county,” the story says. Should anyone be worried about this? It continues, “residents shouldn’t be afraid of their new canine neighbors. Coyotes are typically shy and avoid people.” Oh, thank God; don’t ever scare Northern Va. residents like that again, please.

The bad— How many BBQ aficionados are out there to merit a full-length feature in WaPo about cooking on a grill? Anybody? We have to admit, however, we did enjoy this overzealous quote from the story: “If you are a pitmaster, you should know your meat… You should know, dammit.”

The irresistible— One of FBDC’s go-to places for Featured in Features is The Daily Caller. We can always count on some twisted shit from their entertainment editor Taylor Bigler. Using the “Titanic 3Ds” theatrical release today as a news hook, Bigler compiled “10 cute animals mimicking” the famous “draw me like one of your french girls” scene from the film. Stupid? Yes. Irresistible? Definitely. To be a braincell in Bigler’s head when she thinks up these story ideas.

The good— A feature in TWT looks at actor Tom Hanks and his evolution from a politically ambiguous actor everyone loves to an  outspoken supporter of liberal causes… that pretty much everyone still loves. In the story we also learn that in 2011 Hanks was polled as “America’s second-most trusted celebrity.” Why the hell does such a poll exist anyway? Is Hanks moonlighting as a babysitter?

The noteworthyPolitico has a short item on how President Barack Obama recently said he had a crush on someone from “Star Trek.” We were hoping Obama was talking about Newt Gingrich, but no, he meant actress Nichelle Nichols.