FCC accidentally on side of consumers, inadvertently shows backbone

The mollycoddling FCC, which has in recent years done almost nothing to stop the relentless pig-out of big media, today shocked us.

According to the LA Times,

“letting cable and satellite TV customers choose the channels they want could cut their monthly bills by as much as 13%, according to a federal report released Thursday.
The report from the Federal Communications Commission bolsters backers of a la carte pricing, who want the pay TV industry to give viewers more control over what comes into their homes…But cable operators and network owners countered that this sort of dim-sum approach to channel lineups would result in higher prices and fewer choices.”

We counter that while we’re in favor of consumer choice, a dim-sum approach to cable has other deleterious effects: Every time we watch a la carte dim sum cable, an hour later, we’re hungry for TV again.