FBLA Sorts the Geezers, aka LA Times Buyers


FBLA sorts those who would buy the LA Times. Since they’re all old, white guys, it’s hard to tell them apart–thus our handy reference tool.

Hank (Maurice) Greenberg: 81, scandal ridden insurance mogul,
LA Connection: ex-father-in-law of Nikki Finke.
Added Bonus: Pacific Rim interest
Downside: See above.
Geezer Factor: Huge

David Geffen 66, entertainment mogul, art collector, land owner, philanthropist,
LA Connection: Need you ask?
Added Bonus: Lots of celebrity pals
Downside: Rumored to be vindictive.
Geezer Factor: Pretty fly for an old guy

Ron Burkle 53, grocery magnate, FOB,
LA Connection: Technically, he’s San Diego County–La Jolla.
Added Bonus: See above
Downside: No gossip column. Maybe no reporters.
Geezer Factor: So not a geezer

Eli Broad 73, downtown booster, philanthropist, art collector,
LA Connection: Lives here, acts like he lives here.
Added Bonus: Likes local gossip. Ditched the guy formerly married to Sandra Lee.
Downside: Micromanager
Geezer Factor: Geezer but he doesn’t know it

Cool weird facts:
Greenberg has a pre-law certificate from the University of Miami and an LL.B from New York Law School.
Geffen is a college drop-out.
Burkle never went to college.
Broad has a degree in accounting from Michigan State.