FBLA knocks the “L’ Out of Tom O’Neil


Tom O’Neil responded to our post about his “feather-dusters at dawn” feud with Patrick Goldstein:

Well, thank gawd somebody’s got the proper outlook on this hair-tugging, Oscar diva smackdown Patrick Goldstein and I have going on! Those savvy wags over at Mediabistro’s “Fishbowl L.A.” insist that Patrick and I aren’t really Joan Crawford and Bette Davis caught up in a modern media revamp of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” at all! No! No! No! No! Rather, we’re the reincarnation of two swell, mud-pitching dames renowned for their marvelous taste in hats. (Pssssst, you now know what to get me for Christmas!)

Goldstein, typically, didn’t deign to notice our post, as he’s not a blog man. He’s all hot for Dreamgirls, though.

And O’Neil was gracious about our getting his name wrong, but FBLA doesn’t need a spell-checker, we need to sober up and typewrite (type right?).

Goldstein and O’Neill and Their Bitter Rivalry for the Soul Of Oscar Coverage