FBLA Editor Talks Shop With James Rainey

Your humble, hardworking, word-making monkey editor was interviewed by LAT media columnist James Rainey.

He writes:

She said many other papers have stopped paying for opinion columns altogether –narrowing op-ed contributions at some papers to those already in syndication or those with day jobs at chambers of commerce, corporations, think tanks and the like.

“These corporate-sponsored pieces threaten to push people like me out,” Dupuy said.

That’s not to say that she is getting out of the business. After an earlier career in stand-up comedy, Dupuy has learned to hustle and to be “psychologically very adept at rejection.”

It can be challenging, but Dupuy makes a living. “For someone who had to drive for hours to get to a gig — to get $100 and a beer bottle thrown at them — this is heaven,” she said.

As if you need to read the rest of the piece. But here’s the link anyway.