FBLA Doesn’t Pander Which Flacks Would Know If They Read FBLA


The Flack thinks FBLA panders. Peter Himler, of Flatiron Communications blogs about John Pavlik’s retirement from the Academy, writing:

With the Oscars nearly upon us, and the era of celebrity pandering showing no signs of abating — Think TMZ, Perez, Defamer, PopSugar, The Superficial, Gawker , Fishbowl LA….

FBLA think this is why PR people don’t understand blogs. To explain:

TMZ is gotcha! celebrity journalism, with original reporting.

Perez is gotcha! celebrity gossip.

PopSugar is fun-to-read celebrity gossip.

The Superficial is celebrity gossip with a bite.

Defamer and Gawker combine good writing, semi-exclusive news tips, and clever linkage.

FBLA is a media blog–when we do celebrity stories, we’re usually commenting on media coverage of the story. FBLA interviews journalists, does original reporting, and makes fun of the stars.
LA is our fishbowl.

FBLA will explain more on the Bulldog Reporter’s PR University Conference, Feb. 22.