FBLA Asks the Hard Question: Least Favorite LAT Section


As part of our on-going campaign to save the LA Times, from outside agitators, from editors who don’t go outside and from the readers themselves, FBLA is continuing with the results of our informal survey.

When asked “What’s your least favorite section?”, the Op-Ed section inspired strong feelings.

Chris Farnsworth:
Op-Ed. It’s a mess that still hasn’t recovered from the Michael Kinsley debacle.

Brent C. Dickerson
Reading people’s bloviating and ephemeral partisan nattering seems to me to be a monumental waste of time for all concerned.

As might be expected, Cathy Seipp likes the Op-ed section. She’s all about the bloviating.

And a surprising number didn’t care for the Sports section.

Linda Zimmerman:
I throw the sports section away without a glance. I guess I don’t have the Jack Nicholson mentality. I think I read once that he only reads the Sports Section.

Dale Launer:
The sports section barely mentions one of the most popular sports (and one of the highest paid atheletes) in the world–Formula 1.

Robert Bentley:
I can’t stand the columnists and sentimental profile pieces about athletes.

Dan Reines:
Fire Bill Plaschke. Better yet, publicly shame him.

West magazine also had some noteworthy detractors:

Brady Westwater:
Absolutely clueless about LA, much less the West. Have considered class action suit against it on behalf of… West…for defamation of character.

Watch this space–FBLA has more.

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