FBDC’s FaceRace: DC Pubs

We took a look at where DC newspapers and online publications stood on Twitter, now let’s turn our attention to the Book of Faces. We compared each of the pubs’ Fan Page likes and came away with some interesting results.

Here are the top take aways: 1) USA Today performs much better on Facebook than Twitter, pulling neck and neck with WaPo. Still, for the most widely distributed paper in the country, you would expect them to be way ahead. 2) The Washington Examiner is dominating its competitors on Facebook, a far cry from its performance on Twitter. 3) Older pubs The Hill, Roll Call, and National Journal are being trounced by newcomers Politico and The Daily Caller.

USA Today: 1,260,000 likes
Washington Post: 1,258,119
Washington Times: 44,867
Washington City Paper: 10,069

Political Pubs/Websites:

Washington Examiner: 229,844
Politico: 174,374
Daily Caller: 127,807
The Hill: 43,445
Roll Call: 30,948
National Journal: 23,931

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