FBDC Tweeterboard: Local Broadcast News

Earlier this month we took a look at the social standing of the DC publications and Washington-based national anchors. Now it’s time to turn again to local broadcasters. FishbowlDC tallied the Twitter followers of the Washington market’s top on-air talent. We also noted the percent growth from last month (Month Over Month). Here’s what we found:

Top Local Broadcast Personalities

1.)Angie GoffNBC 426,1542.27
2.)Britt McHenry*ABC 722,24021.32
3.)Nikki BurdineCBS 921,2480.2
4.)Doug KammererNBC 417,9691.4
5.)Shomari StoneNBC 414,94436.86
6.)Bruce JohnsonCBS 913,7331.4
7.)Julie WrightFox 511,3245.03
8.)Tom SherwoodNBC 4/WAMU9,2955.34
9.)Danella SealockNBC 4/WPGC9,1271.51
10.)Eun YangNBC 49,0025.46

The next ten journalists plus rankings for local broadcast stations, after the jump…

11.)Russ PtacekCBS 98,9151.27
12.)Jacqui JerasABC 78,2781.93
13.)Jim HandlyNBC 48,1045.66
14.)Chuck BellNBC 47,4427.93
15.)Topper ShuttCBS 97,2298.23
16.)Jim VanceNBC 47,0995.51
17.)Tom KiereinNBC 47,0178.47
18.)Shawn YancyFox 55,9853.6
19.)Surae ChinnCBS 95,8681.84
20.)Doreen GentzlerNBC 45,8196.4


Top 10 Local Television and Radio Stations

1.)NBC 4 WRC71,9024.29
2.)WTOP 103.5 FM54,3665.11
3.)CBS 9 WUSA53,8822.18
4.)ABC 7 WJLA49,3355.64
5.)Fox 5 WTTG35,73311.4
6.)WAMU 88.5 FM10,9112.64
7.)WFED 1500 AM9,8492.28
8.)PBS 26 WETA4,7110.96
9.)Univision 14 WFDC3,2532.94
10.)NewsChannel 8**2,6567.7

The takeaways: 1) Britt McHenry, Shomari Stone, Tom Sherwood, and Eun Yang all moved up a ranking in the top ten, with McHenry and Stone seeing the most growth in followers since last month. 2) WTOP  has moved up to 2nd place in the station rankings, after leapfrogging over WUSA. 3) NBC 4 is still the most socially engaged of the local stations overall. They claim the #1 spot among broadcast stations and their staff accounts for11 of the top 20 local personalities on Twitter.

* Brit McHenry was just recently hired by ESPN.
**NewsChannel 8 is DC’s local cable channel.