FBDC Tweeterboard: DC Pubs

It’s that time of the month again to see who’s up and who’s down in the Twitter-verse. FishbowlDC’s number-crunchers are hard at work analyzing data from all manner of DC media accounts, but for today let’s talk print and online publications. We took a look at the followers of DC’s biggest pubs and compared them to stats from last month.

Here are the top take-aways: 1) Every pub added more followers percentage-wise in January than they did in December -except The Washington Times. Their followers grew at a steady 2.1% in both months. 2) Washington City Paper and the Washington Examiner both posted impressive gains this past month. WCP followers increased by 8.2% in January compared to 4.2% in December. The Examiner grew by 8.9% last month, compared to 4.3% the month before.


Washington Post: 2,451,985 (+4.4% month over month)
USA Today: 931,720 (+4.9% MOM)
Washington Times: 123,686 (+2.1% MOM)
Washington City Paper: 41,915 (+8.2% MOM)

Political Pubs/Websites:

Politico: 677,477 (+2.7% MOM)
The Hill: 409,502 (+3.1% MOM)
Roll Call: 161,482 (+1.4% MOM)
Daily Caller: 129,442 (+2.5% MOM)
National Journal: 78,092 (+2.2% MOM)
Washington Examiner: 17,177 (+8.9% MOM)

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