Fast & Furious 6, Little Dentist, Run and more on this week’s top free apps charts

Kabam’s newly released drag racing game Fast & Furious 6: The Game, which is based off the upcoming film releasing this Friday, drove up the top free iOS apps charts to the No. 1 spot on the top free iPad apps chart and the No. 2 spot on the top free iPhone apps chart. Little Dentist, a dentist game for kids, launched last Thursday, moving up the charts quickly to the No. 2 position for iPad and No. 3 position for iPhone. Developer ZeptoLab’s puzzler Pudding Monsters, which is currently the free App of the Week in the Apple Store, moved up the charts to the No. 4 spot for iPad and No. 11 spot for iPhone due to the app store feature, proving that a featuring in the app store significantly moves apps up the top charts.

Publisher Albino Blacksheep’s endless runner with a 3D-rotating twist Run, which is a port of the hit web-based Flash game, has exploded up the top free Android apps charts since it launched, landing at the No. 12 spot as of today. Minigame collection title Hardest Game Ever 2, which had already reached the top 25 on the top free iOS apps charts, moved up the top free Android chart, squeaking into the top 25 at the last and final spot.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Candy Crush Saga1▲1Yes
2.Fast & Furious 6: Le Jeu2▼1No
3.Peu Dentiste3▲2No
5.Running with Friends5▼2No
6.What The Pic?!6▲1No
7.Hardest Game Ever 27▼1No
8.Slots Crush8▲5No
9.Chess Pro9▲79No
11.Pudding Monsters11▼3Yes
12.Google Maps12▼2No
14.FallDown! 214▲1No
15.N.O.V.A. 315▼4Yes
16.What’s the Saying?16▼4No
17.Gangstar Rio: City of Saints17▼3Yes
18.Little Riddles18▼1No
20.Arms Cartel Revenge20▼4Yes
22.Sonic Dash22▲3Yes
23.Facebook Messenger23▼2No
24.Sniper Shooter by Fun Games for Free24▼1Yes
25.What’s My IQ?25▼3Yes


This week’s top free iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Fast & Furious 6: Le Jeu1=No
2.Peu Dentiste2=No
3.Candy Crush Saga ®3=Yes
4.Pudding Monsters HD4=Yes
5.Chess Pro5▲82No
6.N.O.V.A. 36▼1Yes
7.Gangstar Rio: City of Saints7▼1Yes
8.Wordy HD8=No
9.Running with Friends HD Free9▼2No
10.Nail Salon10▲4No
11.Turbo Racing League11▼1No
13.2020: My Country13▼4No
14.Hardest Game Ever 2 HD14▼3No
15.My Penguin15▼2No
16.Bingo Casinos HD16▼1No
17.Wedding Salon17▲6No
18.The Weather Channel for iPad18▲8No
19.Calculator for iPad Free19▼2Yes
20.Skype for iPad20▼2Yes
21.Fruit Mania21▼1No
23.Gravity Guy HD23▲5Yes
24.Mind Watering24No
25.Iron Man 325▼6Yes


This week’s top free Android apps

2.Candy Crush Saga2=
5.Facebook Messenger5=
7.Bejeweled Blitz7=
9.Subway Surfers9=
14.Kik Messenger14=
15.Temple Run 215=
17.Brightest Flashlight Free17=
18.Yahoo! Mail18▲1
19.iPhone lock Screen Theme19▼1
21.The Weather Channel21=
22.Lie Detector Polygraph22▲1
23.Fruit Ninja Free23▲1
25.Hardest Game Ever 225▲9


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