Editor Departs

Natalie Hormilla is leaving, the fashion site she edited. According to a goodbye email, she has no plans other than “spending a lot of time up in glorious Vermont through the end of summer/fall” and then returning to New York.

Breaking Media, the company that owns Fashionista along with Dealbreaker, Above the Law and Edificial, is seeking Hormilla’s replacement. Associate editor Britt Aboutaleb will helm the site for the near future.

Her farewell email after the jump.

hello everyone,

you may or may not already know that my last day as the editor of fashionista is this friday, april 3. it’s been a great run, but at the beginning of the new year, i just felt it was time for a change, and so i’ll be spending a lot of time up in glorious vermont through the end of summer/fall, at which point i’ll return to new york and probably see you all once again.

breaking media is currently in the process of filling my position, so please send any and all tips/releases/information/invitations/etc to britt aboutaleb at [redacted] ([redacted]).

and if anyone should ever like to get in contact with me, i’m at [redacted]

thanks for being so great, and i hope you all have a great summer.

much later,

Natalie Hormilla