Dangerous PR: Fashion Rep Gets Slapped at Zac Posen

We feel certain that most PR pros have their share of juicy on-the-job stories.

Some outsiders labor under the mistaken impression that PR is a safe and easy industry that attracts ambitious individuals with promises of glamour and free drinks–rather than the obsessive, hectic, extremely demanding business that it actually is. We’re here to help them realize the error of their ways with tales recounting the dangers of working in public relations.

Today’s horror story comes from the notoriously catty world of fashion, where all stereotypes are true (and they’re usually even worse than you thought).

New York’s Fashion Week is notorious for showcasing both beautiful designs and horribly entitled behavior. A dust-up at last weekend’s Zac Posen showcase included both—and Naomi Campbell was there too for good measure.

Right before the show started, fire marshals pulled a number of seats from the venue, leaving some put-out guests to stand and wait patiently for Ms. Campbell to arrive. After a 40-minute delay, tensions ran high.

Jennifer Eymere, daughter of the head of France’s Jalou publishing house, found the seating delay and the publicists’ responses so frustrating that she decided to slap Lynn Tesoro, co-founder of HL Group (which was managing PR for the event).

She later expressed regret for the incident and claimed that Tesoro was “humiliating” her executive mom, but she also claims to have said “Now you know you don’t f**k with French people,” which makes us doubt the sincerity of her story.

PR pros: Have you ever worked Fashion Week in New York or elsewhere? Most importantly, do you have any dramatic stories like this one that you’d like to share?