Fashion Week: Wintour Goes ‘Completely Berserk’

Always the hottest ticket in town for the Upper East Side set, at the Oscar de la Renta show Monday, it was standing room only for pretty young things, ladies who lunch and the powerbrokers who think Oscar is one of the few designers that make clothes they could actually see buying for their better halves. The usual suspects from Vogue, Bazaar, Elle and the rest of the all-important glossies occupied their respective sections in the front row. Carter made it to this show, too, as did a glam looking Linda Wells. The Allure editor-in-chief sported mile high peep-toe stilettos and a fresh pedicure — all the better when you’re promoting a new book on glamour. The biggest media moment came when newly minted US Open champ Roger Federer arrived as the guest of Anna Wintour (the two laughed and chatted like old pals during the show). Want to take a guess on who might be the next Men’s Vogue cover guy? Wintour was determined to keep the man of the moment all to herself. After the show, when a flack for Olympus Fashion Week approached the tennis champ about having his portrait taken by Timothy Greenfield Sanders backstage (the noted lensman has been shooting Fashion Week attendees in a mini studio for three seasons and has gotten everyone from Catherine Zeta-Jones through Nicole Richie to pose) Wintour shut him down. Not giving up that easily, the intrepid flack tried to ask the champ again with Wintour out of earshot. According to one eyewitness: “[Wintour] went completely berserk and screamed, ‘Not right now!'” Apparently, that left the mortified flack no choice but to give up the ghost and settle for bringing Donald Trump backstage instead.

–Diane Clehane

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