Fashion Week: Dominick Dunne @ Carolina Herrera: ‘I’m a Star in Dubai!’

Dominick Dunne made his only Fashion Week appearance at Carolina Herrera this morning (“We’re good pals”). Sandwiched between Vanity Fair‘s fashion director Michael Roberts and the unsmiling Fran Lebowitz , the intrepid chronicler of the social set’s crimes and misdemeanors was happy to chat about his latest passion: the Princess Diana inquest. “I’ve been back there twice,” says Dominick, who is filing his latest “diary” entry for Vanity Fair today. “There are a lot of fascinating things that are happening — it just comes out in bits and pieces.” Most intriguing, he says, is the fact that Mohamed Al Fayed’s remains doggedly determined to convince people that Dodi and Diana would have married.

“He still has that shrine at Harrods. It’s ridiculous.” And, Dunne says, people forget Dodi’s other girlfriend Kelly Fisher was on another yacht the family owned the whole time. “And, she had a better ring from Dodi.” The idea that Diana would have considered living in Paris in the former home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor with Dodi is absurd, according to Dunne. “She knew that was a bad luck house and that [Wallis Simpson] was despised,” he said. As the mother of the future king of England, [Diana] would have never done that.”

As for his television career, Dunne and his pal Hallmark honcho Henry Schleiff make a brief appearance in a boardroom scene in HBO’s Bernard & Doris. And, Dunne told us, TruTV’s Power,Privilege and Justice is one of the netlet’s big hits. “It’s playing all over. People come up to me everywhere. I’m a star in Dubai!”

Diane Clehane