Fashion Designer for Facebook Models Franchise Expansion

Developer 50 Cubes follows up its successful Mall World title on Facebook with Fashion Designer, a couture clothing-creating game aimed at a young female audience. Rather than being a direct sequel, this spin-off app features cross-compatibility with the original game.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Fashion Designer currently has 3,309,482 monthly active users and 421,165 daily active users.

Rather than a full-fledged game, Fashion Designer builds on the game mechanic of a Mall World mini-game where players create outfits, here focusing on high-end clothing. Players are asked to complete outfits that meet certain criteria — designing a dress without straps, for instance — and rewards them with experience points and other perks for doing so. Fashions are built from a set of basic pieces organized by tops and bottoms. The player can add to their selection by purchasing more parts from the game’s shop.

Once the garment is pieced together, players can change its color, patterns, fabric type and other appearance options in order to customize it. The array of different textiles and stencils can also be added to via the game’s shop. Players can further customize their fashions by altering the size, rotation and placement of various stencils on them.

After designing a piece of clothing, players place it on a fitting form and wait for it to be completed. This process can be rushed using in-game cash, and the player’s studio can be expanded to accommodate more than one form. Once the fashion is finished, players can then place it on a model, style her hair and accessories, add it to their portfolio, and put it up for display in the game’s built-in gallery, or in the player’s Mall World game.

When a player’s fashion is up on display, other Fashion Designer players can vote on it and even purchase it for their own games. On the same token, players can vote on the fashions on display and purchase them. Players can also brag about various accomplishments via viral channels.

Fashion Designer is monetized through the sale of dress components, most of which can be purchased using the game’s soft currency earned by completing tasks. Some can only be bought with Facebook Credits, however. We feel the game offers a fair mix of items available for soft currency and Facebook Credits; however the game’s Wall does contain posts from players upset that more newer items being added by 50 Cubes are premium and only available for Facebook Credits.

You can follow Fashion Designer’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.