Farewell, Scotty

Last night, reporters gathered at the Marriott to bid a fond farewell to outgoing White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan (seen here with the AP’s Mark Smith, who’s also the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association). McClellan spoke briefly, thanking the crowd for showing up and and twice making a pretty lame joke about “there will be no questions” despite the hopes of several reporters who were hoping he might “leak like a sieve” once he leaves the administration.

Amongst the mingling masses (referred to by one WH reporter as the “blatherati”) at this surprisingly fun party, you might have overheard Mike Allen weighing in on Geoff Morrell’s fancy suit, Karen Travers talking about her recent venture to DisneyWorld, David Sanger wondering how the telescopic lenses of the Secret Service could be used for purposes besides security, Joe Curl bemoaning the excessive amount of down time there is when covering the president and Steve Scully still wrestling with the question (that no one seems to know the answer to) of “Who the hell was the White House correspondent on the jury of the Malvo trial?” Several folks talked about Tony Snow’s prospects. Many think Tony Snow won’t last long in the job–six months, maybe–namely because he probably won’t get the role he expects and “the joyfulness of the press corps at his arrival has been grossly overstated.”

Also in the crowd: Deb Riechmann, Julie Mason, Helen Thomas (no longer chasing Stephen Colbert), Llewellyn King, Linda Gasparello, Kelly O’Donnell, Richard Wolffe, Ken Walsh, Holly Bailey, Ann Compton, Bob Hillman, Ken Herman, Jim Rutenberg, Elisabeth Bumiller, Peter Baker, Trent Duffy, Olivier Knox, Alexis Simendinger, Susan Page and Robin Sproul.

But did they all show up just because Lame Duck Scotty has started handing out brownies?