Farewell, Be A Design Group

byebye BADG.jpg

They asked the tough questions: What is good design? If you were stranded on a desert island, what five typefaces would you want with you? And our personal favorite, could you vote for a candidate whose advertisements were dominated by Comic Sans? And so, in a year already marred by tearful goodbyes, we’re sad to report that the sharp-witted fellows of the blog Be A Design Group (BADG) are closing up shop after four years of cultural criticism, controversy, stories, podcasts, and tutorials.

“Over the next couple weeks we are doing a grand finale and their
should be some interesting articles and discussions coming from our
current and past authors,” BADG co-founder Bennett Holzworth tells us. The BADG site will be kept up as archive and, on an encouraging note, Holzworth hints at his plan to work with co-founder Adrian Hanft to “develop it into something new and fresh in the future.” So, as BADG prepares to go out with a BAng, we congratulate the authors on years of words and images that made the web–and the world–a more thoughtfully designed place to be.