Fans of the Old Facebook Design Flock to Developer Accounts

Word seems to be out amongst the large group of users who are actively campaigning to retain the old Facebook profile design that if they sign up for a developer account they can still keep their choice of old or new.

User complaints about the new design have been flooding the developer forum over the past few weeks due to confusion about who’s listening in the forums – the developer forums are primarily used by Facebook application developers, not for feedback to developers of Facebook itself.

With the leaked workaround that you can install the developer application and thus retain the ability to revert back to the old profile – obviously necessary for developers who still need to maintain two versions of their application – the number of signups for Facebook Developer accounts has grown by nearly half a million users over the past day.

Facebook issued the following in response:

We are aware of this issue and are currently addressing it. A pseudo-fix should be available within the next day.

Whether Facebook will allow users to go back to the old design more readily remains to be seen. Facebook said last week that all users will be moved over to the new design in the “next few weeks.”