Famously Exposed: FamousDC

Okay, the jig is up…kind of.

FamousDC showed a little leg this morning and exposed the identities of its famously-awesome founders.  FishbowlDC has long known that Story Partners’ Amos Snead and NJI Media’s Josh Shultz are the masterminds behind the smart and snarky Beltway blog but the revelation in January’s Washingtonian is a little bittersweet for us.  We’re  thrilled that our famously-anonymous friends are finally getting their due recognition…but wasn’t anonymity half of the fun?

Luckily, the dynamic duo didn’t give up the names of the dozen or so contributors to FamousDC.  “The rest of the folks are solid and won’t have their covers blown,” Snead told us on the eve of Washingtonian‘s publish date.

FishbowlDC applauds our pals Snead and Shultz for coming out of the closet years of thankless hard work and hilarity.  We’re pouring one out for you tonight, homies!

P.S. Oh and FamousDC, next time you decide to do a big reveal, consider us.  Remember how we kept your secret for the last few years?  Sure, Washingtonian looks all glossy and sexy when you’re standing in line at Safeway but Garrett Graff is our sloppy seconds and we write about Norah O’Donnell all the time.

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