Fake NYT Email Address Spams Users About Home Delivery

Around 1:30pm EST, I received an email from the address “nytimes@email.newyorktimes.com” regarding a recent cancellation of home delivery. I thought it was strange, since I’m not a home delivery subscriber, and chalked it up to a simple mistake. But according to the NYTimes’ Twitter account, the email is in fact a fake. “If you received an email today about canceling your NYT subscription, ignore it. It’s not from us,” tweeted @nytimes shortly after the email was sent.  The Times’ SVP of Corporate Communications, Robert Christie, added, “We are investigating emails, please contact Eileen Murphy for full comment: eileen.murphy@nytimes.com.”

Business Insider traced the email address back to Epsilon Interactive, a marketing firm, but its origins remain a mystery. So beware of any NYT emails sent your way today! And enjoy the plethora of jokes the situation is sure to spawn. “So Arthur Sulzberger ISN’T a Nigerian prince?” joked Dave Weigel.

Check out the full text of the fake email below.

My 10,000 Words colleague Elana Zak created a Storify. Check it out below.