Failing Repeatedly with Paula Scher

Want to learn how design idol and Pentagram partner Paula Scher functions with failure and compare it to how you yourself deal with it (read: alcohol, sobbing, and collecting those porcelain figurines you find in Parade Magazine — at least that’s the way we operate), you’ll feel momentarily happy to learn that Scher was recently speaking to Psychology Today about just that. It’s a bevy of interesting thoughts and quotes, with the designer’s launching point being that familiar “you have to fail to succeed” mantra, but going off in some unique directions, like working with younger people who are failing in an effort to rebel against your work and how difficult it is to encourage that. She even talks a little about Randy Newman, which this writer is on record for having said he doesn’t particularly care for the his work, but even that we let slide because the interview (and that section) is captivating. Well worth reading if you can take a break from your alcohol, sobs, and Parade browsing for just five minutes.