Fading Glamour To Get Overhauled

Glamour hasn’t been all that glamorous this year. Newsstand sales have been down 17 percent and the recent Publisher shake up showed just how dire the situation has become. So what does a popular magazine do when things stop going its way? It changes everything. According to WWD, Glamour is about to get one hell of a makeover.

Cindi Leive, Glamour’s Editor-in-Chief, said that a new-look magazine and website will be premiering in March, along with new contributors and fresh content. Leive thought that Glamour needed to change to keep up with today’s woman. “The format of many women’s magazines — Glamour included! — hasn’t changed much for a decade, but young women are consuming media in totally different ways now,” said Leive.

Glamour has hired two design firms headquartered here to lead the revamp, and a big change will likely mean larger numbers at first, but will those be sustainable? Or — much like jeggings for men — will only a select few (read: Wrong, horrible people) think it’s a good look? We’ll have to wait until spring 2012 to find out.