Facebook’s U.S. Traffic Reaches 132 Million Visitors

Compete.com has released its monthly traffic analysis for the month of December. According to the new stats Facebook’s U.S. traffic has jumped to 132 million unique visitors, up from around 128 million unique visitors in November. This is the highest tally scored by Facebook in its history. The jump in traffic also comes at a time when Facebook’s traffic is traditionally flat. This year Facebook surpassed another milestone during the holidays though, becoming the number one most visited site in the U.S. during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years’ Day.

Today’s milestone is another to add to the list for Facebook. Compete.com isn’t the only company reporting about Facebook’s domestic growth. In addition to unique visitor traffic, Facebook has been experiencing growth in search volume. According to Google trends, there has been a striking increase in the number of searches for the search term “facebook” specially going through into the Christmas season and New Year’s eve.

The spike in facebook searches, visible in Google trends data, also corroborate our previous report that Facebook was the most visited destination in U.S. on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A comparison of Facebook with Twitter reveals that Facebook is almost six times as big as Twitter, when it comes to unique U.S. traffic. Nick O’Neill, the founder of this blog, has already asserted that any comparison between Facebook and Twitter is meaningless and that Facebook should actually be compared with Google. Before Facebook can seriously challenge Google though, it will have to dramatically increase the company’s cash flow.

Despite ongoing speculation about growth in the company’s revenue base, Facebook’s latest traffic numbers continue to look impressive.

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