Facebook’s Proposed TOS Changes Explicitly Outlaw Selling Status Updates to Advertisers

magpie-twitterThis morning, Facebook announced several proposed changes to the site’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” – Facebook’s governing terms of service document. Under Facebook’s current process, any changes to the SRR must be made available for a public comment period during which users can give feedback on the proposed modifications.

One of the more interesting changes: users are now prohibited from profiting through the use of their Facebook profile, and specifically, from selling their status updates to advertisers. Section 4.2 reads:

4. Registration and Account Security

2. You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser).

Apparently, Facebook wants to explicitly prohibit companies like Magpie and Twittad from doing the same thing on Facebook that they’ve done on Twitter – create an ad network out of users willing to spam their followers for money. Obviously, sponsored status updates run very counter to Facebook’s vision for the type of information sharing that Facebook wants to support.

It’s a change that few users will be opposed to. The comment period runs until August 18.