Facebook’s Growth May Have Slowed in Europe During November

Facebook’s Europe population gained 3.85 million people in November to reach 112 million monthly active users, based on the data from our latest Global Market Monitor report.

Before we look at the countries that grew the fastest, we should note that this is a big slowdown in growth from the 10 million the region gained in October. However, we believe that our numbers are lower than what Facebook is actually seeing. We obtain data from Facebook’s advertiser tool, which provides the company’s estimate for its current traffic in a given country, but the numbers provided may be delayed by days or weeks.

Yes, it’s entirely possible that Facebook is seeing a region-wide, if not larger slowdown. According to these numbers, it only gained 12 million worldwide last month, to reach 338 million — in recent months, the service has averaged more towards 30 million. However, the company announced on December 1 that it had reached 350 million monthly active users, 12 million more than what we count. For this reason, we believe that this data isn’t showing the full story.

In any case, Turkey gained the most users in November, with slightly more than 1 million new monthly active users. The country now has 16.3 million monthly actives, or 23.1% of its more than 70 million citizens. Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom all gained more than 400,00 new users. Growth tapered off from there. Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Spain actually lost users.

We’ll see what the data says in January.

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