Facebook For Zune HD Now Available

Microsoft recently released the Facebook application for Zune HD, allowing users of the touchscreen device to access their Facebook accounts through the built-in WiFi. The application looks to have most Facebook functionality integrated into its layout, including the news feed, my profile, view friends and post to walls. The application is available through the Zune Marketplace, which is where all applications for the device live.

According to Matthew Miller over at ZDNet, the application is still very buggy, and heading over to the offical Zune forums, we can see a lot of users complaining about broken functionality, but seeing as the application came out only recently, these will be fixed in time. There were also a few bugs with the Zune Twitter application, released late last year, but those seem to have been cleared up since.

In classic Microsoft style, the application attempts to focus the Facebook interaction on Zune usage when possible. The update my status area includes a button to immediately update your status with the song you’re currently listening to, and a link to that song’s information at Zune.net. You can of course engage with status updates without Zune information if you’d like: no normal Facebook functionality is impeded in the application. Also, it should be noted that they are using the Microsoft style of ultra-large fonts for headings, intead of tabs, which was made famous in the Windows 7 Mobile announcements a few weeks ago. I find the style attractive, but somehow less functional than I’d like.

You can also view your complete friends list, and view other people’s profiles, including their wall and photo albums. On the Zune.net message boards, NSILMike, who works for Microsoft, has told users to shortly expect the ability to receive and send messages, as well.

NSILMike wrote:

If you’re currently having FB issues, this is from MS:
“The recently released Facebook application for Zune HD is experiencing some issues accessing data. We are investigating and will provide an update on the status as soon as possible.”
Stay up to date with the latest on the application here.