Facebook updates Pages Manager app with additional support for photos

Facebook today updated its Pages Manager app for iOS with new support for photo viewing and sharing. Page owners can now see their cover photo and change their profile photo from the app. Users are able to swipe through photos in an album rather than tapping to view each photo individually. There’s also an option to post a photo to a specific album, though there does not seem to be a way to create a new album or upload multiple photos from a single post. To change a page’s profile photo, users can tap their current profile photo. They will then have an option to take a new photo, choose from their phone’s camera roll, or choose from the page’s existing albums. The standalone page management app gives page owners better moderation tools and alerts about fan activity than the main Facebook for iPhone app. Since its launch in May, the app has gained additional functionality to support direct messages, allow admins to view the amount of negative feedback on each post, see their event guest lists and have more control over push notifications. Facebook has now released updates for all its iOS apps within the past week. Page owners can download the new Pages Manager app here.

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