Facebook to Start Testing New Ads Manager, Bulk Uploader Soon

As Facebook’s performance advertising business continues to grow, Facebook is adding new features to help advertisers get the most out of the system. Recently, Facebook added new targeting features, including connection targeting, multi-country targeting, and birthday targeting. Now, Facebook has confirmed to us it is about to start testing an updated Ads Manager and a bulk uploading tool to make managing Facebook Ads campaigns easier.

The new Ads Manager, which Facebook should start rolling out to a few advertisers soon, will make it easier to create, edit, and manage ad creative. Unlike today’s Ads Manager, the new version will include in-line editing and search, which should make campaign management much more efficient for those managing many Facebook Ads.

In addition, Facebook will soon start testing a new tool for advertisers to bulk upload many ads at once, instead of manually creating them in the standard campaign manager or through third party scripts. Agencies, app developers, and direct response advertisers who often want to target and test hundreds or thousands of specific creatives will now be able to do so much more easily.

While Facebook hasn’t said exactly when these features will be rolled out to everyone, some advertisers should start seeing the new features soon.

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