Facebook Says If You Like Video Then You’ll See More of It

Views double in past six months

Facebook is giving video views more weight in its News Feed algorithm, which determines what users see from brands and friends on the social network. The greater emphasis on video comes as more advertisers play with the format.

Facebook also said today that video views doubled in the past six months.

Now, it will deliver more video to people who have demonstrated interest in viewing such content. It will downplay video for users who have not shown an interest.

"People who tend to watch more video in News Feed should expect to see more videos near the top of their Feed," Facebook said in a blog post today. "Conversely, people who tend to skip over videos without watching them should expect to see fewer videos."

The level of interest is determined by how often—and for how long—a person viewed a video, whereas previously Facebook only took Likes and shares into account.

The ranking changes only apply to video that is created in the Facebook ecosystem and does not effect outside content shared from YouTube and Vimeo, for instance.

Brands already use Facebook’s native video products, and when they do, it automatically plays in the News Feed—the audio turns on and the screen expands when a user clicks it. Facebook counts those autoplay videos as viewed when a user scrolls over them and hovers there, according to a rep for the company.

Facebook has been improving the data it discloses to Page owners. Last month, it revealed new audience metrics—what content gets the most engagement and how long audiences pay attention.


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