Facebook Roundup: Stock, Microsoft, Google, Blackberry, SocialEyes, Places and More

Facebook Co-Founder Set to Sell Shares – One of the co-founders of Facebook is looking to unload up to 10 million shares of Facebook common stock, which would be worth about $300 million dollars. No one knows which co-founder it is, but if it’s not CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it could be Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz or Eduardo Saverin.

General Atlantic Also Gets in on Facebook Stock — In a possibly related note, the private equity firm is buying a small portion of Facebook stock from former employees, in a deal that values the company at $65 billion.

Microsoft, Facebook Quarrel Over Hiring – The hiring by Facebook of Microsoft’s Global Ad Sales head Carolyn Everson has created tension between the two companies to the point that Microsoft may even seek legal action.

Settings Bugs in Facebook for Blackberry App Fixed – RIM has addressed several bugs that were causing email notification and background polling settings to be reset when users logged in and out of the Facebook for Blackberry v1.9.0.20 mobile app. The updated Facebook for Blackberry v1.9.0.28, now available through BlackBerry App World, also fixes a bug that caused freezing when users tried to upload photos to Facebook.

Google Redesigns Profiles – Google’s new user profiles resemble Facebook’s user profiles. [Image Via TechCrunch]

SocialEyes Uses Connect to Video Chat – SocialEyes, from RealNetworks chairman Rob Glaser, is trying to make video chat social by using Facebook Connect, according to GigaOM. SocialEyes will be a Facebook app and its own stand alone site.

Check Into Places From Your Watch – InPulse is a watch app that allows users to check into Places from their watch. The app comunicates with your phone over Bluetooth, then an app on the phone gets your GPS location, asks Facebook for nearby locations, which are then displayed on your watch for you to select.

Govt Contractor Creating Armies of Fake Facebook Profiles – The Daily Kos and others have reported that the defense contractors HBGary has a sophisticated plan to create an army of fake Facebook profiles to control public opinion, as well as compromise others’ profiles.

Facebook Engineering Enhances Backups – The Facebook Engineering team wrote a note about new enhancements to the way the company backs up data, specifically as it pertains to moving from mysqldump to XtraBackup.

Newsbook Aggregates Top Facebook Likes Newsbook is a new web site from D.C. firm Engage that aggregates the most relevant and Liked articles from the most popular 27 news web sites in one place.

Hatchlings Trades Listings for Installs Hatchlings is an Easter egg hunt that also trades space on its Page directory for installs as a tab by Page administrators. Although the app is somewhat spammy, Hatchlings could be useful for small Pages looking for network exposure. Thus far more than 250 apps and Pages have added the tab and the app is also working to raise money for charity.