Facebook Roundup: Microsoft Outlook, Mobile and Moving Pictures

Microsoft Outlook Connects to Facebook – Microsoft announced this week that their popular email program would be able to connect to Facebook, in addition to LinkedIn and MySpace. The company’s blog notes that, the new “Outlook Social Connector brings together communications history, contact information, and professional and social networking information into the Outlook experience.”

Zong Mobile Payments Expand Reach – Zong, a mobile payment service commonly used by online gaming and social network sites, announced this week that since 2010 Zong+ has more than 500 million online users, over 1.5 billion mobile subscribers and has added more than 20 major publishers. Zong has also added carrier coverage in New Zealand, Argentina, Venezuela, and is set to add coverage in Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia in short order.

Facebook Users’ Photo Uploads Exceed Global Film Output – Tom Koltai from Perceptric Pty Limited posted an interesting blog wherein he analyzed data we reported this week to conclude that Facebook users are posting more movies than the global film industry on an annual basis. Koltai arrived at this conclusion by simple math: 400 million Facebook users upload 3 billion photos per month. If a photo equals a single frame of a film and basic projectors operate a 24-25 frames per second, a ninety minute movie is about 135,000 frames. So, each month Facebook users create 22,222 ninety minute movies, whereas the global film output is only 5,100 films a year.

Another MySpace Leader Heads to Facebook – Monica Keller, a group architect at MySpace, announced last Friday on her blog that she would be leaving the social network to join Facebook as a web standards and program manager. While at MySpace Keller worked with the network’s activity streams, openness and appeared frequently at conferences. [Keller photo via Adam Tinworth.]

Video: Facebook Talks Mobile — This week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Facebook’s VP of User Growth, Mobile and International Expansion Chamath Palihapitiya talked about the company’s mobile efforts, including. Facebook Zero, a stripped-down, text-only version of the social network for mobile phones. This new product is aimed at giving more mobile carriers a way to offer a free Facebook experience to more customers, and eventually try to convert them into premium data service customers. TechCrunch posted a video of Palihapitiya’s presentation.

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