Facebook Releasing WordPress Plugin | Apple Kills Ping | Sweden Twitter Experiment Out of Control

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Facebook Deepens WordPress Integration With New Plugin (AllFacebook)
Users of blogging platform WordPress can now take advantage of greater integration with Facebook following the social network’s release of a plugin that enables features such as social publishing and mentions. The plugin allows users of both platforms to cross-post their WordPress content to their timeline profiles and pages they manage, as well as to add the names of pages or friends to the posts. Tecca/Today in Tech If you updated Facebook’s newly released camera application for your iPhone or iPad recently, you may have noticed the app has changed names from “Camera” to “Camera•” and thought it was an error or the result of a glitch. If so, you’ll be happy to know that this is indeed the official Facebook photo application and its mysterious name change was entirely intentional. Wired Having barely started to hire his local team, Serkan Piantino, Facebook’s New York engineering boss is already talking smack about why no one would ever want to leave Gotham, and why Silicon Valley, where Facebook is headquartered, is a bit of a Snoozeville. “The reason people don’t want to be in Silicon Valley is because while it’s awesome for the tech community, [and] is so deep in terms of people thinking about technology, that’s all there is, right?” asked Piantino. “You don’t have the fashion industry, or the media industry or even finance. Those things make it so you get this variety of experience in New York that’s kind of lacking in Silicon Valley.” The Los Angeles Times Facebook is rebuffing claims that its advertisements are ineffective. The social networking company said research from comScore shows that 70 percent of ad campaigns will get advertisers a return three times what they put in, and in nearly half of all campaigns, Facebook ads get companies $5 for every $1. USA Today The study suggests that marketing on the world’s most populous online social network can help increase sales. The report released Tuesday found that people who were fans of Starbucks and Target, or friends of those fans, were more likely to buy something than those who were not fans.

Sweden Twitter Experiment Goes Painfully Awry (Mashable)
The Swedish government has been handing over the @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen each week, and this week’s owner is steering the car right off a social media cliff. Tuesday, the current Swede behind the account, Sonja Abrahamsson, doubled down on the controversial tweeting. BetaBeat Earlier Tuesday, Abrahamsson tweeted the following: “Whats the fuzz with jews? You can’t see if a person is a jew, unless you see their penises, and even if you do, you cant be sure!?” Uhh … yikes. Also of note? Her official profile, which (jokingly?) lists her nickname as “Hitler.” GlobalPost Slate noted that an article in The New York Times had raised the Sweden account’s profile, attracting around 5,000 new followers in the two days since it was featured. PC Magazine In related news, Twitter has announced that users will now have the option to tailor the micro-blogging site’s trending topics to only the most relevant subjects. Trending topics have always offered a quick snapshot of the news, both locally and worldwide. But they can also be rather puzzling.

Zynga Pushes ‘Draw Something’ Mobile Game in China and Around the Globe (San Jose Mercury News)
With its stock falling below $5 for the first time Tuesday, Zynga announced it will make pricey acquisition Draw Something its first mobile game released in mainland China and partner with a popular social network in the country as it tries to staunch the bleeding. Zynga is partnering with Sina, which offers a Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter that has grown very popular in the world’s most populous nation.