Facebook Reader Could Entrench The Social Media Giant in Mobile

Photo via Flickr / Scott Beale

Since Google said it would shut down its RSS reader, other web and app companies have started jockeying for position within the space. The latest announcement came from Facebook, which believes that a visual feed reader will not only make the company relevant in the consumer mobile market (i.e. comparable to apps like Flipboard) but it will open up more advertising pathways in the process.

Facebook is pervasive on the internet. According to data from 2011, 1 in 13 people across the globe has an account. Furthermore, 200 million users look at Facebook on their mobile phones. The move toward a visual reader, particularly if it is targeted to tablets and smartphones, makes sense as the company follows the projected trends of increased mobile app usage on mobile devices.

According to comScore, mobile phone users spend 25% of their time on either Facebook or Instagram. With those numbers, advertising on Facebook could possibly shift away from sponsored ads in Newsfeeds and toward immersive, interactive ads such as those seen on Flipboard.


[H/T CloudTimes]