Facebook Profile redesign pushed back several weeks

A few weeks ago, when Facebook initially announced its Profile page redesign effort, developers scrambled to get questions answered in anticipation of an early launch date.

Since that time, Facebook has solicited developer feedback on the profile redesign through Developer Roundtables (notes from the first Developer Roundtable here), and has continued to show and get feedback on new Profile page iterations on the Facebook Profiles Preview page.

This weekend, Facebook announced that it is pushing the launch of the redesigned Profile page back to “late spring” (we’re guessing mid/late May?).

Facebook’s Pete Bratach said, “We’re still iterating on the design, making sure we get it right. We’ll still continue to roll out improvements to Platform as well. And rest assured, we will give you a period of time so you can update your applications before the profile is released to our users.”

Developers wishing to send feedback to Facebook on the new profile design should contact developer-feedback@facebook.com with “[new profile]” in the subject line.

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