Facebook Profile Photos Now Appearing in Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo Search has launched a new feature that automatically shows Facebook profile photos in its search results. Now, when someone searches for your name on Yahoo, they can see your Faceook profile photo in the search listings.

Here’s an example of how the Facebook integration looks:

The integration is made possible by a Yahoo SearchMonkey application that reads structured data published by Facebook. Yahoo’s SearchMonkey platform allows developers to use structured data to make their Yahoo Search results more visually interesting and useful. In this case, Facebook is showing links to certain features (Add friend, Poke, Send message, View friends) and displaying a profile photo.

The new feature only works for people who have their “public search listing” privacy settings turned on. To see what your public search listing privacy settings are, click here.

The Facebook integration is one of only a few that have been turned on for all Yahoo Search users to date. Others include LinkedIn, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Citysearch, Zagat, and Wikipedia.