Facebook App Profile Box and Page Tab Changes Coming on August 23

Following months of delays, Facebook has finalized the date for its long-planned removal of application boxes on profiles and reduction in tabbed application widths on Pages. Beginning August 23rd, a little more than two weeks from now, Facebook will do both, according to a blog post today:

Boxes. We will notify users via messaging in profile boxes and in the Help Center that the “Boxes” tab, boxes on profiles and Pages, and application info sections will be going away.

Application Tabs. Next week, we will give Page admins the ability to preview their custom tabs in the new 520 pixel width so they can modify their layouts as needed. All profile and Page tabs will be resized automatically beginning the week of August 23.

The news matters for any developer and market who is creating or updating their applications and landing pages, in that they should make sure they are designing products to fit with the changes.