Facebook Poaches Yet Another Googler, Tom Stocky

Facebook just keeps poaching Googlers left and right. The latest is Tom Stocky, who had spent six years at Google.

Facebook just keeps poaching Googlers left and right. The latest is Tom Stocky, who reported for his first day on the job today.

Stocky, who maintains a personal blog site had this to say about his latest employment coup:

I work at Facebook, where I serve as a director of product. Previously, I was a director of product management at Google, where I helped start the developer products team and also worked at different times on search, client, and travel products. (Though if you ask my mom, the best thing I ever did there was this blog post.)

He holds degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its Slaon School of Business, had joined Google in 2005.

Facebook has quite a number of product directors and is rumored to be putting renewed focus into developer relations.

The hiring wars between Google and Facebook have proven extremely lucrative for the employees involved, with considerable signing or retention agreements. Last year Google gave its employees a 10 percent raise to attract potential hires and preempt defections. The company reportedly also has more than 23,000 employees and with 2,076 job openings it is currently adding about 100 hires per week. Facebook on the other hand has fewer employees than Google has openings.

Facebook’s ambitious expansion plans just underscores the rivalry between the social networking company and Google.

Recent hires who’ve moved from Google to Facebook include the social network’s:

  • Director of Corporate Development Amin Zoufonoun
  • Director of Latin American Sales Alexandre Hohagen
  • Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations David Fischer
  • Global Brand Experience Manager Paul Adams
  • Head of Mobile Products, Erick Tseng

Readers, do you think Facebook is winning the recruitment war — or will the tides turn with the growth of Google Plus?