Facebook Platform weekly push report for February 26

Facebook DeveloperThe Facebook Platform team will be pushing a few changes tonight around 10pm.  Updates to be aware of:

  • Platform APIs now automatically return results in the language assigned to the country your server is in.  So if your server is in Spain, Facebook will now respond in Spanish (for example, the “sex” of a male becomes “masculino”). French and German will be added next, and Facebook will soon offer an optional parameter for you to choose the language you want your API results in.
  • The multi-friend-selector now supports Friend Lists. This sounds like it could be an interesting new way for your app users to choose request recipients. (i.e. Business related applications might spread more quickly if many users have work-related friend lists and this change allows batch selection.) However, especially with the upcoming limits on the maximum number of requests per user per day applications are able to send, it’s not likely to mean your users will be able to send a flood of more requests.
  • A Feed bug was fixed that was always using the plural case when using if-multiple-actors.