Facebook Platform Leaders: We’re Related Climbs Into 4th Overall

Facebook’s demographics are shifting now that it has grown to over 175 million active users: users of the site are now generally older and more geographically dispersed than ever before. Which applications are helping Facebook engage these older users?

We’re Related, one of the most popular applications on the Facebook Platform, just crossed 14 million monthly active users for the first time. Today, Inside Facebook profiles this Facebook Platform leader that is helping Facebook users connect across generations.

What is We’re Related?

The We’re Related application, developed by FamilyLink.com, is at its core a family tree tool, allowing users to easily find their relatives on Facebook and build out their family trees.

Much like the current Facebook profile design, each user has a profile page featuring a status message, a wall, info, photos, and relatives in lieu of friends. Users can see their relatives’ news on a filterable page that is similar to the Facebook home page. We’re Related is like Facebook’s friend list feature in that users can communicate with and focus on a subset of their Facebook friends, but the application offers a more fully featured and strictly family-focused experience.

In We’re Related, users send app invitations to build up their networks of relatives. In many Facebook applications, the friend picker step seems unnaturally tacked-on, and is often presented before the user has interacted with the actual app. With We’re Related, the process of sending invites (“adding relatives”) makes sense in the context of the application’s overall experience, a fact which likely has a beneficial impact on both acceptance rates and invites sent per user.

App Traffic

AppData for We’re Related

As of February 18th, We’re Related has vaulted into the fourth overall position on the platform application leaderboard, slightly edging out RockYou’s Super Wall. Today, We’re Related sits at roughly 14 million MAU having grown nearly 42% in the past 30 days.

AppData for My Family

In addition to We’re Related, FamilyLink.com also develops My Family, another Facebook application that allows you to add stick figure icons of your family to your profile page. My Family has also shown strong growth from 240k to nearly 400k MAU in the past thirty days.

Of the applications with 10+ million MAU on the platform (there are currently five), We’re Related has shown the strongest growth lately. We will continue to track this high growth period for We’re Related, and it will be interesting to see if the app emerges from this supernormal growth period as one of, if not the largest Facebook app for months to come.


In terms of functionality, Family Tree by Familybuilder.com is We’re Related’s closest competitor on the Facebook platform. While quite similar to We’re Related, one significant differentiation is Family Tree’s robust points and virtual goods offering.

AppData for Family Tree

While small relative to We’re Related, Family Tree has over 922k MAU, landing the application within the top 100 apps on the platform. In the past 30 days, Family Tree has grown approximately 42%, keeping pace with We’re Related.


developerAnalytics‘ audience profile for We’re Related suggests that We’re Related’s users are predominantly female (61%) and the average user age is 25. For purposes of comparsion, Top Friends’s audience profile shows 58% female and an average age of only 15 years.


As we reported earlier this month, Facebook’s population is diversifying in terms of age and is, quite simply, getting older. For example, the fastest growing demographic group is women over 55. The overall trend of a growing, diversifying population stands to benefit applications like We’re Related and Family Tree that appeal to an older audience.

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