Facebook platform industry news: AdRoll, iNvolved Media, Moontoast and SHIFT

Retargeting platform AdRoll announced today that it has added the option for advertisers to run self-serve Facebook Exchange retargeting ads in the News Feed. Facebook made this inventory available to Qualified DSPs, including AdRoll, earlier this month. Previously, AdRoll and other companies could only run FBX ads in the right hand sidebar of Facebook.com, but now they can bid on desktop News Feed placement. AdRoll says early tests show clickthrough rates in the single-digit percentages for News Feed, as opposed to fractions of percent in the sidebar. Unlike other retargeting ads, retargeted News Feed ads incorporate Facebook’s share, comment, and like functionalities, which leads to additional engagement and viral potential. An example of a News Feed FBX ad is below. AdRoll is actually running FBX ads retargeting visitors to its own site.

iNvolved Media

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer iNvolved Media this week announced a new interactive video unit to run across social, mobile and web content.  The Video StoryEngine, as it’s called, allows companies to to add a video layer to their premium media placements, including in the Facebook News Feed. Speed Stick used the technology for its Super Bowl spot, running an interactive, gamified version across more than 500 sports sites and within the Facebook News Feed that day. Hundreds of thousands of people engaged with Video StoryEngine’s trivia game. Other tests show Video StoryEngine leads to increases in recall, response, sharing, Likes and comments compared to videos that are not delivered through the new platform. Video StoryEngine is available with CPCV or CPE pricing, with clients paying only when viewers watch thirty seconds or engage with the brand’s interactive video.


Mobile rich media ad provider Moontoast today announced a strategic partnership with SHIFT, a collaboration platform for marketers and agencies. Moontoast will integrate with SHIFT’s Open Marketing Cloud, a suite of applications from partners covering media buying, community management, social promotions, analytics and more. The integration will give advertisers a way create, post and amplify social rich media ad units in the Facebook News Feed from within the SHIFT platform. Both companies are Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers that have forged partnerships with a number of PMDs and other advertising platforms.

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